Corporate Products

Internet Link

WNet has a vast number of products for small, medium and large enterprises.

We provide dedicated backbones and links with 99,9% guaranteed band and 24x7 dedicated support.

Call one of our consultants at the phone (21) 3513-6330 and select the product that best fit your needs.

  • CJet

    Ideal for small companies that want internet connectivity at a fair price. 40% minimum band guaranteed. Masked IP. Speeds starting from 350Kbps. Fiber optics and wireless technologies (check availability). CJet is the best product available in the market at an unbeatable price.

  • CJet Light

    The same quality of CJet with an exclusive high performance wireless device. 40% minimum band guaranteed. Masked IP. Speeds starting from 350Kbps. The best price in the market.

  • WMAXX Dedicated

    Ideal for companies that need a high performance internet connectivity solution. 99,9% band guaranteed. Fixed IP. Full duplex upload and download. Speeds starting form 500Kbps up to 200Mbps. WMAXX is the dedicated internet solution with the best cost x benefit ratio. Call our consultants and ask for a commercial proposal.

  • WNet Buildings

    Best fitted to buildings with a large number of apartments. Internet billing is charged directly to the building administration.

  • WNet Point to Point

    Ideal for companies that need a direct link between several offices. We use fiber optics and wireless devices (check availability).

  • WNet Internet Providers

    Ideal for internet providers. We provide valid IP's and infrastructure for fiber optics and wireless. We have the best price and commercial conditions in the market.